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I'm on a journey, and I'm inviting you to join me in an adventure unlike any other.

A nurse of over 40 years, my job and passion were to assess and triage patients and their symptoms, and to monitor, care for, educate, and promote the health of an individual or a group of individuals. As a disabled nurse, for the past ten years, I have watched with great concern the physical, mental, and spiritual decline of the United States and her citizens which culminated in the crisis of 2020. The crisis still continues now in 2021. If there is one thing I know from my experience both professionally and personally, there is no life or spans of time that has not had a crisis of some sort. Some years have more challenges than seem bearable, and sadly a great many more that usual took their lives during 2020. This not only breaks my heart but the heart of God. I have told people before, I may no longer work for any earthly physician, but my Heavenly Father is the Great Physician, and I'm on call with Him 24/7.
If you would like to help, you can do this in several ways. The first and foremost is prayer, because the "& Company" in my business name refers to my CLO, Chief Life Officer, God. It is also an acknowledgement to all those who have had a part in the formation of me and this business. Without His direction and strength, and the help, education, and insight of others this would have never been possible. Secondly, please watch the videos I create, share them with others, and subscribe to my channel. Thirdly And finally, if you would like to support me by becoming a Patreon monthly support member, you may select one of the three levels: $3, $10, or $25 Each level receives monthly benefits as my way of saying thanks and showing appreciation. To check it out click on the link below. You will be able to see what the benefits are. Please note you can stop your Patreon pledge whenever you would like. I have also included a button for PayPal if you would like to make a one-time or nonrecurrent donation.
Any and all support is greatly appreciated.
Betsy Bohan
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