Offset the Crisis: Preparation is Key      Workshop: 45 minutes with 10-15 min Q & A 

By nature, a crisis is not something we think about very often unless you care for a medically fragile person, live in a dangerous area, and the like. For the purpose of this talk, we are focusing on those whose lives are relatively stable. Although a crisis typically comes on suddenly, there are things that can be done beforehand to make us resilient. Seven practical steps will be provided that will help you to improve your outcome when you enter a crisis which is typically not "if" one happens but when.

Where is God? Finding God in the Midst of Your Crisis        Keynote: 60 - 90 minutes

Do you find yourself thinking or saying, MAYBE EVEN SHOUTING "Where are you God?" when bad things happen? Betsy has experienced trauma, abuse, and unexpected challenges, yet it was in the midst of one of these crisis she found God and the faith to believe that God not only existed, but that He loved her and cared deeply about her life. As you listen you will not only be inspired, but Betsy will reveal how to find God in the midst of your crisis and trust Him in spite of your circumstances

Crisis Aftermath: Picking Up the Pieces and Moving On     Workshop: 45 minutes with 10-15 min Q & A 

Every crisis is known to leave some type of mark on an individual or group. How can anyone go on to enjoy and lead a meaningful life? Betsy will share three key perceptions that will enable you to not only survive but thrive.

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