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A nurse of over 40 years and a survivor of multiple traumas, Betsy is intimately experienced with crisis: unexpected diagnoses, deaths, financial loss, job loss, and loss of relationships among them. In the lives of her myriad of patients and their loved ones, as well as her own life, she knows what it is like to feel the disbelief, shock, and crushing emotional weight of unexpected and unforeseen circumstances. This can make for a difficult and challenging life.

Betsy's education and experience as a registered nurse developed her ability to communicate difficult concepts in unique ways. Her over 40 years as a Christian has given this passionate woman of faith the knowledge and insight to help others on their journey of faith in Jesus and His gospel.

Mission Statement

To offer and provide presentations, services, and products across a diverse range of people with the commitment and passion to inspire, motivate, and educate individuals and groups from a Biblical perspective.

Canal Park, Duluth, MN, Lighthouse
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