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Biblical Resources

Music and Radio Programs


CBN, Christian Broadcasting Network
Focus On the Family - Family Life Radio
KTIS Faith Radio Stations - Music and Talk 24 hours
KKMS 980 AM - The Mission, Christian Talk, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
KLOVE  Radio - Positive Encouragement

Music - Some of Betsy's favorites

Instrumental Celtic Hymns | Harp, Flute, Strings, & Orchestra
The Blessing YouTube Music Videos
Writers Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes | Live From Elevation Ballantyne | Elevation Worship
The Irish Blessing
The Arab World Blessing
The Blessing Ethiopia/ In Amharic
The Blessing BSL in the UK
The Blessing ASL
The Blessing UK
La Bendición - España (The Blessing)
The Blessing [Kids] - featuring kids from different nations
THE BLESSING in Hebrew! HA BRACHA הברכה (Official Music Video) Jerusalem, Israel | Joshua Aaron
The Blessing Singapore - by 772 singers - from 177 Churches and Movements
The Blessing The Hawaii
There are many more countries and groups that have videos singing The Blessing. It is absolutely faith building and heart stirring to listen to them sing and see all the people from every area of the world sing about God's blessing for those who trust Him and in the gospel message of salvation in Jesus Christ alone.
There is a multitude of songs of many styles that will help you to build your faith no matter what your circumstances. Listening to music of faith is one of the best things you can listen to have the peace and calm only God can give. He is the One who loves and forgives.Follow Him with all your heart, mind, and strength. He is calling you to relationship, to hope, to peace, to salvation for now and into eternity. 
To Worship You I Live (by Israel & New Breed) | WorshipMob live + spontaneous
Way Maker | Steffany Gretzinger | John Wilds | Jesus Image Choir | Jesus ‘19
In Christ Alone // Sounds Like Reign, Husband and wife with young sons, folk style
He Is Exalted // I Exalt Thee (Medley) | Sounds Like Reign
BE THOU MY VISION -- Favorite Irish Hymn
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing / If You Could Hie to Kolob - by Elenyi & Sarah Young - on Spotify
THE PRAYER / SAVIOR REDEEMER of My Soul - by ELENYI - ft. Jaantje, Hallie, Sarah - on SPOTIFY, APPLE
We are all "Imago Dei" Latin for "made in God's image" but we become God's children through faith in Jesus and the gospel message.

Prepping for Hardtimes

City Prepping, YouTube Channel

     5 Things You Should Do Now To Get Ready For What's Next                       


     How to Easily Build a 2 Week Emergency Food Supply

     How to Store Water for Emergencies (containers and places to put them)

Sensible Prepper, YouTube Channel
     Prepping : 101 for Beginners
Canadian Prepper, YouTube Channel
     100 Days Worth of Food for $100: LASTS 25 YEARS
There are many prepper channels. Only you know what your needs are and how you might or might not prep or be able to prep given your individual circumstances.

Practical Helps

Making and Using Cloth Toilet Wipes or Family Cloths
     How to Sew FAMILY CLOTH | Easy Tutorial on how to Make Reusable Toilet Paper
     How to Make Reusable Toilet Paper
     NO SEW || DIY Cloth Toilet Paper || 2 Ways
There are plenty of videos on making cloth wipes to use instead of toilet paper, disaposable wipes, and paper towels.